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Project Description
PokerMine is a project which aims at enabling players to train a bot to play Texas Hold'em like themselves.

The project is still in its infancy and will consist of the following initial phases:
  1. Develop an XML Schema to define the representation of a poker hand history. Done
  2. Create an extensible parser to be able to read in the necessary data from various poker sites.
  3. Design and implement an intuitive tool to allow users to customize the parameters to be extracted from a hand.
  4. Provide a plugin architecture for developing custom learning algorithms.
  5. Incorporate data mining and machine learning algorithms.
  6. Provide a simple graphical application that enables a user to load a hand history folder, select a parameters specification, and learn a strategy.

This project will NOT provide users with the ability to make their bot play for them on real-money sites. This is intended only for academic research into supervised learning of poker strategies and has no aim of making anyone real money.

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